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The technology used in business exists for two primary reasons – to run and grow that business. To be completely effective, it needs to integrate seamlessly and function effortlessly in what can be a mission-critical environment.

Given the increasing availability of relatively inexpensive technological solutions for small and mid-sized businesses, it's possible to enjoy a competitive advantage by using some of these products to reduce overhead, decrease response times to clients, and improve labor efficiency.

Entelechy works with clients to strengthen this link between technology and success. The key is their methodic development of complete, economically-efficient, industry-appropriate IT solutions, solutions that evolve to meet changing and growing business needs.

Entelechy looks at IT through the lens of a business owner and helps clients see how it can work more efficiently for them. This is often as simple as having a clearer understanding what's already installed on their computers and other devices.

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Entelechy breaks down a client's IT environment into smaller, manageable pieces, resolving short-term problems while creating whole, preventative IT solutions that continue to meet their needs as their business matures.

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Through a systematic, measured approach, clients get modular, tailored IT solutions. Solutions that meet their needs, their budget, their available resources, and their timeline while delivering the proper resolutions to their unique needs.

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Has this ever happened to you?

Have you ever had a technology-related difficulty that caused you or another member of your team to spend hours waiting for assistance, either waiting on the phone dealing with a voice-activated menu or waiting for a technician to show up after you’d been given a four, five or six hour window?

Then, when the technician finally arrives, he offers a diagnosis and/or solution that doesn’t completely fit your problem…he does this to either:

  • Absolve their company of any responsibility,


  • Give an easy, stock answer that doesn’t seem correct to you, but you don’t have the knowledge or familiarity with the technology to accurately explain your issue or challenge their assessment.

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