Entelechy (En-te-le-key): "the actualization of something's full potential"

We are and have been behind numerous successful IT planning and implementation projects, researching, planning and executing IT solutions for companies up and down the East Coast since the early 2000’s.

Over time, our management began to notice IT holes in small-to mid-sized companies. They didn’t seem to be getting the IT support they so desperately needed, as the basic technology needed to run a business and provide quality customer service was steadily increasing. In many cases the firms simply didn’t have the budget for an on-site IT department and either couldn’t create or didn’t consider creating a relationship with a trusted service provider.

As a result, they often experienced decreased technology efficiencies, with no assistance in the short-term or help to more effectively plan for the long-term, in a world with evolving, increasingly important technological realities. That’s where we have been able to step in, giving these companies advice and support they can trust and rely on, helping them stay current in a cost-effective and time-efficient way.