Every Entelechy project follows the same six-step process

  1. Define requirements: This is the most critical step. Through initial information-gathering and follow up, Entelechy works closely with clients to understand their business, their needs and desires, and offer insight into how to best translate their vision into realistic solutions that meet their needs.

  2. Design solution(s): Entelechy researches and presents a solution(s) to the client, taking into account price, quality and time. Working together, Entelechy staff and the client determine which solution is best.

  3. Build out for testing: The solution is built and tested in a controlled environment before it is implemented in the client's targeted location.

  4. Rollout to client: Solution is executed at the client's location. If Entelechy doesn't perform the implementation, they are available as project managers, staying in close contact with all contractors and keeping the client informed as necessary.

  5. Documentation/training: Any necessary documentation can be created and presented to the client by Entelechy. Entelechy also ensures the client is trained on the new hardware or software solution.

  6. Support: On-going phone, email and remote access support is available for clients choosing Maintenance or Bundled Services options. Clients are never left in the dark and can feel comfortable Entelechy will be there to help.