Make an emergency seem a little less so

Entelechy's highly skilled and experienced technicians have access to the technological tools and the right people to help you. This expertise often allows them to resolve emergencies over the phone or via remote assistance. And for issues that can’t be resolved through one of those methods, they are available to come on-site, even if that means coming in before or after ‘normal’ working hours, or over a weekend.

Learn more about the process for resolving emergency calls.

Quick, effective and complete technology troubleshooting

The Entelechy Help Desk is available when you need it, as your central contact for resolving hardware and software issues, as well as the starting point for a number of larger projects. Entelechy technicians have extensive knowledge of many technologies and know just what to ask to get at the source of a problem and send you down the right path to a full resolution.

Entelechy Help Desk services include:

  • Application troubleshooting (Word, PowerPoint, Access, QuickBooks, etc.)

  • Hardware troubleshooting

  • Network/Internet troubleshooting

  • Product purchasing advice

  • Product availability research

If the issue can’t be resolved over the phone or via remote assistance, Entelechy will make arrangements to come to your office or home, at a time that is convenient for you.

Learn more about the Entelechy Help Desk, or contact them via phone, email, or the web site.

Practical project planning for short- and long-term solutions

Whether a quick improvement to a more common annoyance (such as a slow internet connection) or something larger and more involved (like a new piece of hardware to improve business efficiency) is needed, Entelechy leaves nothing to chance. Each project, no matter the size, scope or timeframe, is run through a detailed six-step process, to plan and schedule all aspects. This  includes researching possible options; designing, testing, and implementing solutions at your location; and developing any necessary documentation.

Entelechy uses this process for ‘regular’ and specialized projects, such as:

  • Web site creation

  • Network installation and configuration

  • Internet connection – installation and repair

  • More efficient usage of existing technology

  • Implementation of new technology

Projects are broken into three main categories (click on each for more details) and the process differs slightly for each:

  • Research and consulting

  • Common projects

  • Long-term projects

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